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Enjoy Excellent & Green Web Hosting for Site with GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Greengeeks webhosting is a branded name for providing the best hosting service at a cheap price.  Greengeeks Webhosting Company comes under the list of top excellent performing web hosting companies. Especially when it comes to WordPress webhosting greengeeks is better than many hosting companies because it offers you one-click application installation to their uses. Even you get many more advanced and premium features by GreenGeeks web hosting which we are going to discuss later on this article.  More than 5 lakh websites are hosted on greengeeks webhosting which is a considerable number of websites. Even GreenGeeks also provide a lot of exciting offers and discount for their new users with free SSL and security services. Greengeeks Friendly Hosting

The goal of Greengeeks webhosting is to provide environment-friendly webhosting. They care for every type of customer like beginners as well as large companies and that’s why they have all types of hosting plans. by providing many impressive features at affordable price Greengeeks become the most friendly and best option for webhosting. greengeeks provide you nightly backup facility which makes your site secure always.  And the best thing you will get this type of premium feature for free in GreenGeeks Web Hosting.

Marvelous features in starting hosting plan of GreenGeeks

As Greengeeks offer so many hosting plans to their users in which the most demanding and popular plan is ecosite starter. In which you get you to get unlimited hosting and bandwidth, with free domain registration, posting unlimited website facility with SSD storage, free backup, and one-click installation.  All this feature is enough to make greengeeks the best hosting platform in the world.  For starter as well as experience person all this feature is like a key to success.  Even there are many more impressive and high-class features that you get with greengeeks webhosting like a free site migration etc.  Even if you choose WordPress to optimize webhosting then you get all the above features but little more advantage which is WordPress optimize the server for providing fast loading speed, update facility, built-in caching, and CDN facility.  It means there is nothing bad in selecting greengeeks web hosting for your website.

Excellent support facility provided by GreenGeeks

Greengeeks Web Hosting Features

Everyone wants the best support from their webhosting company.  That’s why they are always looking for a web hosting provider which have the best review for the support and help.  With GreenGeeks, you get an excellent support facility for any hosting-related question.  Greengeeks offer you a lot of ways to contact them even they are 24 7 available in your service through live chat and phone call support.  Especially for WordPress webhosting, they have an expert team for solving your queries and doubt.  You get an excellent support facility with a GreenGeeks hosting company all the time.  You will get the response for your query within 1 minute.  Even a support facility is the single most popular reason behind the reputation of greengeeks in the hosting industry.

 Promise to make your money back to you

GreenGeeks 30 Days Guarantee

Greengeeks comes with 30 days money back policy without any question asking rule from the user.  It means whenever you want to get your money back from greengeeks you can get it without any hesitation.  This promise makes user trust in greengeeks.  Even it is also beneficial for those people who want to try to clean the webhosting first before buying it.  But you need to keep in mind that some fees are not refundable in which domain registration fees are included.

 Short consideration of the pros and cons of GreenGeeks webhosting

 Pros: –

  1. As we discussed earlier greengeeks in an environment-friendly webhosting providing company.
  2. Greengeeks comes with all the necessary features which you may need to make your website more secure and improve its performance.
  3. Greengeeks offer you impressive and reasonable hosting plans at the cheapest rate in comparison to other hosting companies.
  4. Excellent support and trust by millions of users.  Which makes is the trustworthy webhosting company for new beginners.

 Cons: –

  1. Limited support time over the phone call.  Greengeeks offer you several ways to contact them in which phone call is one.  but there is a limited period to contact than through a phone call while you can contact them 24/7 live chat and email support.
  2. Additional setup fees: –  greengeeks charge you an extra $15 for setting up monthly payment procedures.


 Better server uptime in comparison to another hosting

Greengeeks promises to provide 99.9% server uptime to its uses. On the test of 24/7 analyze greengeeks server response time is 99. 98% which is great and impressive than Millions of other webhosting companies. Even in most of the cases, you get 100% server uptime speed with greengeeks webhosting.  Not only server uptime even the page loading speed which you get from Greengeeks webhosting is also very great. Greengeeks loading speed is much better than average webhosting speed.

 Multiple server locations

Greengeeks is one of the largest webhosting providing company so it has almost 4 data centers in 4 major locations. Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, Amsterdam.  If you choose the right server location for your website hosting then it impacts very well on your website speed.  You need to choose the nearest service center.  Greengeeks store high-quality data and provide you the best performance and service failed to your website which insect very good on your website SEO as well as User experience.

 Free CDN service to improve your website performance

If you are aware of but CDN which is content delivery network is 10 you know how important it is.  With green Greengeeks webhosting, you get free CDN service by Cloudflare which is enough to make your website super fast and improve its performance.  To improving your site and make it more optimized you can use the CDN network.  It also improves your User experience to come to your website.

Should you select Greengeeks as your webhosting provider?

Since greengeeks have a lot of impressive and excellent performing features which is enough to make customers love it. Greengeeks offer you the best support and performance facility with the best server uptime and speed which is enough to make your work very well in your industry.  But greengeeks maybe not ideal webhosting for monthly payment features.  Because greengeeks offer a dollar 2.95 per month charge only if you go with a 3-year price.  While if you want monthly payment then you have to pay a dollar 9.95 every month which is pretty in comparison to another web hosting which provides monthly payment options.  Another drawback which we can consider in Greengeeks is that its refundable policy.  Greengeeks comes with 30 days money back promise but you did not get domain price back.  While you get the domain for free if you select any plan webhosting.   but when you request for refundable you get money after deducting $24 for the dormant charge.

Greengeeks come with three webhosting plans lite, Pro, and the most popular premium.  If you are a beginner then selecting a lite plan for your website can be the best suitable webhosting thank you ever choose.  If you want to know more about this company then you can visit its official website where you can contact them without doing anything.

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