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What is SEO and how its work

What is SEO and how its work

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process which we can do to improve the ranking of the website in search results. In this process, we optimize the page for a particular term or a group of the term.

How Does Search engine work?

There are some following steps.

Crawling– When we update any data on our website than doing change after we invite Google by using webmaster tool.  Google can land on our website and robot crawl our website and save in their cache data.

Indexing– After crawling our website Google can save the entire data in their database. Then Google can show the result in search engine from the database related to user query this process we called Indexing.

Processing-  When people search any query in the search bar then Google software crawl that keywords related data in indexing tab then send the best result on search engine result page.

What is Search Engine Rank?

When the user searches any query in the search bar the Google search thousands of results from our database and show only that website which contains related information which user can search. Every website has a position on search engine result page. And people optimize their website to get to the top in search results.

What is On-Page and Off-page SEO?

ON Page SEO– Content and keywords related all works we do on our website like new post, content, link, description, title, putting keywords, etc. is called on page SEO.

OFF Page SEO– All works which we do backhand on the website. Like, build link on another related website. Through the backlinks, Google can visit your website and give you a positive value.

SEO Methods-

White Hat SEO- This Technique is work from long term in this condition our website start rank is very slow but after 3 months it gives us the very good result. This Technique approves by Google Search engine T&C.

Black Hat SEO- This is the one-time process in this condition our website in SERP rank early but after some time. When Google visit the website and find something getting wrong they penalize and the rank is automatically down then. Website, not able rank again on that website. This technique not approved by Search engine T&C.

What Kind of Domain We Should Buy-

Website domain name is should be memorable, short and hyphens free. If any keyword is included in a domain name that is so much good and very effective for your website.

 How to design or Layout the website

The website should be clean and friendly Layout and should be mobile friendly. Don’t use more ads. Don’t use any frames written content properly. Don’t use any animations gifts unnecessary thinks. When visitor come in your website they don’t irritate give all the information very clearly and truth. When user spend more time on your website and

Keyword Frequency-

This is the how many times do you used keywords on your website. If you used any keywords too many time then your website is penalized by Google for keywords stuffing. Generally, you can use 2% to 3% off keywords in your description or title.

Robot .txt

With the help of this tool, we tell disallow the Google for don’t crawl our website following page.


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